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About Us

About Founder of Kamlesh Ayurveda

Dr. S. K. Kamlesh is a seventh-generation Ayurvedic doctor. His physician forefathers  reated the great kings of India in its golden era. Graduating from the Univ. of Lucknow, India, he undertook a five-year degree course on Ayurvedic medicine, after which he was awarded the title, "Ayurvedacharya", the equivalent of a doctorate degree in the West. His search for knowledge led him throughout India and abroad, and included two years with his guru in the caves of the Himalayas. There he awakened his powers of intuition and studied natural medicine.

Later, studying under the guidance of his father, Late Dr. B. R. Rasik, Dr. Kamlesh learned to determine health condition by analyzing the pulse and reading facial and palm characteristics. He also interprets the auras of his clients.

He is secretary of the International Society of Kamlesh Ayurveda and Nature Cure. At his home office in Lucknow he maintains a library of thousands of ancient books detailing the Ayurvedic sciences.

Dr. Kamlesh is sharing his knowledge with people from all nations. He has made several lecture tours to Europe and America, establishing an international clientele to whom he provides guidance on matter of health. He offers workshops, lectures, seminars and personal health consultation on herbal medicines and self-healing. With a unique ability to communicate those truths formerly known only to Indian scholars and mystics, Dr. Kamlesh is assisting others in finding more fulfillment in their lives. He is a fascinating, entertaining speaker whose knowledge enriches the listener beyond expectations.